The 25 Best Summer Hair Cuts & Styles for Women

Written By Bakes

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Seasonal changes throughout the year are often reflected by hairstyle choices & in summer that means pixie cuts, short bobs & Dutch braids to name a few.

Our editorial brings you the 25 best summer haircuts and styles for women, featuring a variety of looks that are both trendy and practical for the warmer months. πŸ’‡β˜€οΈ

25 Best Summer Hair Cuts & Styles (Gallery)

Slicked Hair with Bun

This Glossy finish creating a chic and refined silhouette that’s perfect for summer has to be in your archives!

Middle Parting/Front Bangs

This versatile hairstyle frames the face beautifully and can be styled straight or with a slight wave.

Ponytail with Flower Accessories

This playful and romantic touch brings a fresh, summer-like vibe to your look, making it ideal for day parties & outdoor events.

Slicked Hair with Bun

Channel elegance with slicked-back hair styled into a neat bun. This minimalist yet chic hairstyle is a go-to.

Volumized Bob

The volumized bob is a modern take on the classic bob, featuring added volume and texture. This hairstyle gives your hair a fuller appearance.

Volumized Bob with Off Centre Part

Add a twist to the volumized bob by opting for an off-centre part. This variation introduces asymmetry that enhances the look

Curly Layered Bob

A curly layered bob combines the bouncy charm of curls with the stylish appeal of layers. This hairstyle adds movement and dimension!

Chin Length Short Bob

Its clean lines and manageable length make it a favourite for both everyday wear and special summer occasions

Braided Front Bangs with Middle Part

This creative look blends intricate braiding with a classic parting, ideal for standing out in any crowd. 2 Styles in 1 Girls!

Curly Hair with Middle Part

Curly hair with a middle part showcases your natural texture while creating a symmetrical and balanced appearance.

Curly Hair with Middle Part with Dyed Ends

Add a pop of colour to your curly hair with dyed ends and a middle part. This fun and trendy look brings a modern edge to your curls

4 Part with Gold Cap Accessory & Updo

A four-part hairstyle adorned with a gold cap accessory and an up-do has the power to captivate the room.

Blonde 90s Bob

The blonde 90s bob is a nostalgic nod to a classic era & you know we love the 90s!

Slicked Ponytail with Accessory

Straight Roots with Wavy Ends

Short Curly Bob

This retro-inspired haircut infuses modern flair with vintage vibes, offering a playful bouncy look.

The Long French Braid Ponytail

Classic braiding techniques with luxurious length, perfect for both casual outings and formal affairs.

Curly Extensions

Transform your hair instantly with extensions that add volume, length, and glamour to your locks.

Dark Roots & Blonde Ends