The Best 25 Modern Mullet Haircuts for Men (Detailed Gallery)

Written By Bakes

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The modern mullet today involves a more textured customizable styling which differs from the traditional 70s & 80s conceptions.

Our editorial will include

  • A Gallery featuring all modern mullet variations

  • Videos delving into the nuances of the style

  • Best practices and maintenance tips to keep your hair looking good.

The “Business at the front, party in the back” hairstyle may be the most distinctive and unique look which our gallery further emphasizes.

Modern Mullet Haircuts (Gallery)

Mid Fade Mullet

Mid Fade Mullet with Short Fringe

Drop Fade Mullet

Caesars Mullet Cut

Curly Mullet with High Taper

Ginger Hair Mullet with Design

Swept Back Mullet

Flat Top Mullet

Burst Fade Textured Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet with Blonde Highlights

Jet Black Shag Mullet

Short Fringe Front & Long Back with Taper

Mullet with Short Back

Medium length Fringe Mullet

Medium length Fringe Mullet

Curled Front Mid Fade

Taper Fade Mullet

The Traditional Mullet

Front Caesar Cut Back Mullet

Messy Mullet with Short Taper

Short Mullet with High Taper

The Traditional Mullet with Highlights

Traditional Fuzzy Mullet

Slicked Back Mullet

Caring for your Mullet Tips

Caring for your mullet requires dedication especially since hair is constantly growing and you’ll need to maintain its shape.

  • Regular Trimming: Schedule frequent appointments with a skilled hairstylist to keep your mullet well-shaped.

  • Hydration Invest in high-quality hair care products tailored to your mullet’s needs, including shampoos, conditioners, and treatments to keep it moisturized and healthy.

  • Styling techniques: Experiment with various styling methods to achieve the desired volume and texture, whether it’s blow-drying for added lift or using styling products to define the layers